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You can download a digital copy of any Coeus album right here on the site, or you can buy a physical CD, including awesome friggin' album art! (Note: currently only available for Insomniatic Myth at $9.98+S&H) Download it free today, or better yet, spread the word and convince your friends to download it! Peer pressure is awesome!


The Boxing Titan Spawns (2011)Coeus the Boxing Titan - Order The Boxing Titan Spawns

The first Coeus release was unleashed from the shackles of Tartarus on October 2nd, 2011, and introduced to the world Coeus the Boxing Titan's signature genre-mashing goodness. It was also the first for many other things; it was the first time vocals were written and music was mixed for the mass market. It was also the first introduction of the orange deity Coeus to the public, who had, up until that time, been pretty shy about being photographed while half-nude.

The Boxing Titan Spawns was an artsy album, painting landscapes and imagery; whether it's the cloudy mountain peaks on Tension In Cloudland, the desert wastelands of Like Vegas and Sandbox Phoenix, A Hurricane's thrashing ocean,or even the outer space atmospherics of This Time; all of the songs were bound together by this cohesive theme. Due to the harsh mixing, The Boxing Titan Spawns was a dark and diverse album, but it introduced several industrial and electronic elements that helped build the sound. The main influences for this album included King Crimson, Nine Inch Nails, and John Frusciante.



Insomniatic Myth (2012)

Coeus the Boxing Titan - Order Insomniatic Myth

The second Coeus album, set to be released on May 18th, 2012, started out as a collection of songs made during the marketing phase (also known as "intense begging session") of The Boxing Titan Spawns; it turned into a full-blown concept album once the titular song Insomniatic Myth was introduced. Insomniatic Myth was a bright instrumental created during the band's genesis in 2008, and was re-recorded as a modern Coeus song for inclusion on the album.

As a whole, this album was made to be brighter and more melodic than it's predecessor, utilizing improved mixing and prominent vocals. And like the previous release, "Insomniatic Myth" smashes styles together into a fine, presumably-snortable powder, taking influence from artists like Prince, Beck and Radiohead, as well as utilizing genres like funk rock, dance music and electronica. Lyrically, this album describes a variety of situations, all relating to the themes of sobriety, insomnia and insanity. (Insamnianity.)