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Self-indulgence is one of the hallmarks of a great artist. Marketing yourself, casually selling your product and soul, proving to the world that you're truly a character to be reckoned with, even if you don't comb your hair and your socks don't match... plus, you're pretty sure your short term memory is gone... permanently. If you're looking to find out about the man behind the diety, from that man himself, speaking in third person... so look no further! Well, scroll down, and then look no further!

(When you're at the end of the page, I mean. At that point, you should look no further. Although you're allowed to scroll up when you're done.... I guess what I mean is, you're free to continue looking, but it's all on this page. Most of it. To be honest, I'm not sure how much of "it" you were expecting... but trust me when I say that, of all "it", some of "it" is totally here!)


What Is Coeus?Coeus

Descending from the clouds in 2008, the orange deity Coeus (KOY-us), an enigmatic and ancient Titan who wasn't exactly known for his boxing skills, would escape the darkest depths of Tartarus, joining Aro to... you know... hang. He was the introduction of electronics to Aro's songwriting; starting at first as an electro-blues instrumental duo. Determined to sound different, they would make several attempts to create a signature sound over the years, much like the mighty prog rock heroes who had inspired them. It wouldn't be until 2011 that they would feel confident enough in their abilities to to release a full album. In preparation, Aro would learn to write vocal melodies and mix music, while Coeus would learn to dance, something he wasn't really all that into, because come the hell on... nobody can even see his legs. In 2011, they made their first joint release, appropriately titled "The Boxing Titan Spawns".

Coeus takes enormous influence from the progressive, psychedelic, and industrial rock genres; artists like John Frusciante, Queens of the Stone Age, Primus, Beck, Mike Patton, Prince, the Melvins, and King Crimson (to name a few!). There are many undercurrents that help make the style distinct; downtempo and hip-hop music were a huge inspirations, as well as funk, noise rock and electronica. With nothing but cheap instruments and a PC, Coeus music is written with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and production, to give the songs a spacey, surrealist quality. The lyrics are stitched together from the chaos of the human mind, dealing with subjects like introspection, sanity, relationships, and heartache.


Who's Aro Then?Aro

Glad you asked! Coming from the northern reaches of Minnesota, 24-year-old Aron "Aro" Patterson had a god complex from the very beginning of his life; he enjoyed creating things, and it was an obsession! He developed an interested in drawing at an early age and always had a passion for writing, even though he gave up drawing around age 6 or 7, while his 10-years-in-the-making novel about aliens raising the dead is only halfway finished (and 80% of it was stolen from Ed Wood). But one day, he found his outlet... music!

Few things had touched him as invasively as music had, and after he graduated, Aro began listening to and creating music obsessively in his free time, branching out into dozens of different genres. He discovered genres he didn't even know existed; progressive, experimental, hip-hop, grunge, noise, industrial... and he's still pretty sure shoegaze isn't a real genre, but damn it, he listened to every shoegaze band that he could, even staring at a pair of old sneakers to get the full effect. Unable to sit still for long, his trait to jump around would show up frequently in his songwriting. As time went on, his music got even more obsessive and disorder-driven, which brought the world the Coeus the Boxing Titan project... introspective music, that freakin' rocks!